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A1 Assessors / TAQA Training Course


London & Birmingham


Unit 1 £249+ vat- Unit 2 £249 + vat inc all fees


Unit 3 £359+ vat (in-house £645+ vat)


2 months (4 weeks Classroom)


6ppm - 8.30pm (4 consecutive weeks)

Class Size:  

Maximum 15 Students


A1 Assessors VTCT (Seperate Certification)

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Train to be a trainer in just 8 weeks!

This course is a must for all of you who are interested in entering the lucrative and consistent world of training.  If you have a vocational skill set in any area of work, not just hairdressing or beauty therapy.  For example if you are a plumber or an accountant, then there is a demand for you can train others in your area of expertise, most commonly following the NVQ syllabus. In order to do this you will need to obtain an A1 Assessors Award to demonstrate and ensure that you train competently and in line with NVQ requirements.

As a trainer you can earn anything from £14.00- £30.00 per hour, sometimes even more depending on the industry.


What is an NVQ Assessor?
NVQ assessors support and assess learners that are working towards their National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs). An NVQ Assessor will assess and train learners in order for them to gain the occupational standards needed to achieve their qualification. NVQ assessors plan and deliver NVQ training programmes and workshops, they work closely with their candidates and they are also expected to work closely with in house training staff and direct managers. They will provide feedback and guidance to learners as well as adhering to the standards of the NVQ awarding bodies.


What you will get

  1. 1. The nationally recognised A1 assessors award

  2. 2. Qualification recognised by social care providers and the CQC

  3. 3. The knowledge, skills and competence for working in social care settings

  4. 4. A certificate from the awarding body

  5. 5. Excellent support, guidance and feedback from your assessor

  6. 6. Direct observation of you training

  7. 7. On-line resources

  8. 8. The ability to complete your qualification quickly


Who should do this course? The A1 Assessor Award course is designed for candidates who:

  • Are seeking career progression within their area of work
    Are seeking to progress towards Internal Verifier status.
    Those who want to become Vocational Assessors within their respective places of work.


  • Candidates must have adequate knowledge, experience and qualifications in a given subject area in order to award their candidates NVQ Awards


Call us on 0207 096 5011 (London) 0121 270 6209 (Birmingham) for more details or our information Pack.


Email us for our course dates and info London

Email us for our course dates and info Birmingham

This Certificate covers three units:

  • Unit 1 - Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment £249+ vat

  • Unit 2 Assessing Occupational Competence in the Work Environment £249+ vat

  • Unit 3- Assessing Occupational Competence in the Work Environment £359+ vat-Own work placement

  • (£545+ vat-LHBI / NBHI Placement - Only for Hairdressing, Make Up , Nails, Massage & Beauty Therapy placement)


How will I be assessed?
You will attend 4 3-hour workshops (Principles and Practices of Assessment) and then meet on a one-to-one basis on 2 separate occasions with your accredited assessor who will assess your evidence. You wil be required to create a portfolio.


Course Dates
Wednesday 7 May (4 weeks)                                  5.30pm -8.30pm + 2 x Personal assessment
Wednesday 4th June (4 weeks)                             5.30pm -8.30pm + 2 x Personal assessment
Wednesday 2nd July (4 weeks)                              5.30pm -8.30pm + 2 x Personal assessment
Wednesday 6th August (4 weeks)                          5.30pm -8.30pm + 2 x Personal assessment
Wednesday 3rd September (4 weeks)                    5.30pm -8.30pm + 2 x Personal assessment
Wednesday 8th October (4 weeks)                        5.30pm -8.30pm + 2 x Personal assessment
Wednesday 5th November (4 weeks)                     5.30pm -8.30pm + 2 x Personal assessment

What is Teaching?

'Teachers` means anyone who is responsible for planning and carrying out teaching or learning delivery with a learner irrespective of the number of hours they do or their job title. Teaching’ includes: tutoring, training, instructing, lecturing, facilitating, teaching literacy, numeracy, skills for life or job skills.

How can I book this course? Just choose a date from our forthcoming dates and then pay your deposit and we will book you onto the course.

What is the deposit for this course? 25% of the course price (inc vat) which needs to be paid upon enrollment to secure your place and enable us to send out your documentation.

When does payment need to be made by? You can pay the remainder of the course fees within 1 week (5 working days) of your course.

What happens if I don't have learners to train? If you are within the hair and beauty industry you can do your practise training sessions with us. (the unit 2 cost will then be £659)

Can I get insurance with this certificate? Yes you will be able to get public liability insurance of up to £5m

Is there a payment option available with this course?payment for each unit may be made separately however payment for each unit must be made 5 working days prior to the unit start date.


* (please see terms and conditions for further details)